Cattle – Websites

We host a number of websites that provide more detailed information on our products and services, as well as general information on the diseases and conditions many animals face. Please visit these websites to learn more.

BanamineProduct website for
CobactanProduct website for Cobactan, a family of products designed to treat a wide range of infections, caused by cefquinome sensitive pathogens, such as respiratory disease, mastitis, metritis, foot-rot and
Butox-infoProduct website for Butox, a treatment for the control of
Estrumate (cloprostenol sodium)Product website for Estrumate, a product for the management of bovine
Partners in ReproductionInformational website for optimizing reproduction performance in
Responsible BeefInformational website for cattle
StopcattlepinkeyeInformational website for cattle pink
Studio BovineInformational website featuring video interviews with bovine